Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Memories from Mexico

Photobucket I had my photos collected, sitting, just waiting to be scrapbooked. The only problem I was having was deciding just HOW to do it. So many choices, options, was really becoming overwhelming and time was slipping by. I was finding that the time I could have been creating was spent "overthinking" everything and not getting anything done! Luckily, when I was in Red Deer a few weeks back I had found the most awesome chipboard book covers that I knew, right then and there, would capture EVERYTHING I was wanting to represent about our amazing trip to the Hotelito in Mexico. I wanted a project that not only told our story, but evoked the mood and emotion we felt as guests during our stay at the Hotelito. It truly was one of the most amazing moments of our lives, and was especially memorable in that just days before we were married. It truly was a dream come true and I do not think there was any other place on Earth I would have rather been at that very moment. It was so beautiful, and the story of our stay, I felt deserved to be told in the "perfect" way. This album, for me, is able to represent and hold our memories in that way. I loved working on this project. I loved piecing it together, reflecting back on the photos, documenting the experience. It truly did take me back to everything I felt back at those moments. No words can describe the amount of GRATITUDE that fills my very soul when I look back at these photos. I cannot believe I was able to spend time and experience such a beautiful part of the world in such a unique way. It was truly paradise. In my heart, this place will always remain. Sharing it with the most important person in the world, I do not think I could be more lucky, or eternally grateful. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


Sarah said...

That looks awesome! But I wanna see what's inside ;)

I love seeing what you create!

Kim said...

I wanna see inside too!!

Momo said...

Your scrapbooking is amazing!

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