Monday, September 14, 2009

Why I LOVE Photography

Photobucket I love photography. It is something I am so passionate about. I love recording the way I see things, the way I view the world. I love the way I am able to capture what I love. Because it is such a passion of mine, I love how I am able to capture and be a part of other people's passions because I know how it feels to love something so much. That it truly becomes a part of you. I am so grateful that because of what I love to do, I was able to capture my husband surrounded by what he loves. His love for the water and his wakeboard. Because of my camera I am able to record these memories and moments. That is why I LOVE photography. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Thanks babe for being such a sport (and being so patient...). Thank you for appreciating and supporting my love and passion for photography. You are one of my biggest cheerleaders. And seriously...the camera simply loves you...or maybe that's me. Oh well, in any case I just adore these photos of you. xo


Crystal said...

Love your post! Photography is amazing isn't it? Just wish I would found out sooner! Love the quote on the last picture and the texture you used on them all!

Kim said...

Great pics as always :) It's so nice having a hubby who supports you and lets you take fabulous pics of him :)

Moments Photography said...

WOO HOO!! You both are soooo photogenic! You look good on both sides of the camera girl!! Looking forward to tomorrow... I really don't think 1 hour will be long enough...

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