Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Am Inspired

Photobucket Lately I am inspired by so many things! I find I just get into a creative rush, where ideas, thoughts, plans etc. just keep coming and coming! If only my energy level was just as powerful! And of course....if we all only had an extra 8 hours in a day! Lately I am inspired by so many PEOPLE. Maybe that is why I love talking with people, and getting to know them more. I find others so fascinating. I love hearing their stories, their ways of living...their challenges, their triumphs, their dreams and goals. Maybe my whole fascination is simply recognizing that I am a person who loves to document life. I just love the everyday things. Maybe that is why I simply love BLOGS. I just cannot get enough. I have "met" so many wonderful, creative, passionate woman through various blogs. Their scrapbooking, stories, photography, and everyday ramblings are so inspirational to me. I am also inspired again by my scrapbook pages. I am so thankful that I "make" the time to try and get some things down. This weekend I was lucky enough to have some free time to just play around and scrap. I didn't really have anything particular in mind...instead I just went with it, and it felt SO good. Nothing beats the feeling of a finished project. Now, you would think that I would have tons more finished, however that is not the case at all. I am a queen of starting...but finishing is another topic all on it's own. Photobucket Some other things that are randomly inspiring me these days: magazines, music, scented candles, my camera, amazing friends, my job, being consciously grateful...(even for the "tough not so desirable" moments), blogging, my Creative Escape scrapbook...(which is ALMOST complete), slippers, journaling, and up and coming life change (more on this later). So much energy in...i am LOVING it.:)


Sarah said...

Awesome pages, Lindsay!

Talia said...

i love when i get a create boost and just go with it...i need that right now! gorgeous pages, lindsay! and i love blogs, too...such a great source of inspiration on a daily basis!!

Talia said...

opps, i meant to say a "creative boost"! hehe!

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