Monday, September 21, 2009

Time Flies

Photobucket It sounds so cliche, however I cannot believe how time flies. Matt and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary on Sunday, September 20th. It has been stated that the first year of marriage is definitly the hardest, and I will be the first to admit that yes, at times, things are not easy. But really, what is easy these days? All I know is that being married has pushed me to grow in so many areas of my life. It has been such a great ride. Like a roller coaster, there have been incredible highs, along with some dips, twists and turns, nonetheless. This year has been such a learning experience, ever-changing. Celebrating our wedding anniversary this year was amazing in so many ways. It was on our anniversary that Matt and I have made one of the biggest changes and decisions of our life, together, hand in hand. Details are still in the works, but it is a very positive and exciting thing that we are both so excited for. It has truly been such an incredible time right now. We are so very lucky for so many things. Lately, I have actually been grateful for a lot of the tough moments we have endured because now it all seems to make sense. We are now beginning to close this first chapter and begin our second. We are so excited to turn this page.


Sarah said...

That's a beautiful wedding picture!

Happy Anniversary, the best is yet to come! :)

Mandi said...


congrats on your wedding anniversary. it is so hard to believe already. I just wanted to let you know, how happy Lee and I are for you and Matt and hope everything gets finalized. It is such a exciting time. If you need any help, let me know. I am up for anything.

Love ya

Crystal said...

That is beautiful! I love the picture!!! I've been married for 25 years now and it only gets better!! Enjoy every minute of it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsay...

Love the picture... has it been one year already?
Congrats on your anniversary and all the best in your new chapter!

I don't have a lot of advice other than marriages are a lot of hard work.. A LOT! If you persevere everything will work out as it should!

My life motto is that everything happens for a reason! And you and your husband happened for a reason!

Take Care... sorry I missed you!

The Theroux's said...

Hey there.. I was just checking out your photos wedding photos on facebook, because they were such nice fall photos. Thought I'd send a hello!

Yvonne said...

Congratulations! Anything worth anything is hard work, but the rewards are so much greater. Your picture is beautiful. Hope your exciting something goes the way your hoping. Follow your dreams, I have learned this year that there is nothing better!!!

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