Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sentimental Moment...

I was sorting through some pictures tonight, and I stumbled across this one. It really resonated with me, and for so many reasons that it should! It was taken last July, at my bridal shower, of my mom, my best friend and her mom (my 2nd mom). Looking back it is really amazing how fast time is going by, how we are all changing, growing up, taking part in all of the traditions and milestones we once talked about that seemed " far away". Like the talks of " day when I get married..." HELLO! It has all happened! Where the heck was I? Seriously if I think about what has happened in my life over the past 15 years or is really crazy. Wow...15 years. Hard to wrap my mind around it. I guess this picture really resonated with me because I was talking with Hannan last night, who I basically grew up with since about 10 years old. We were stuck to the hip, always laughing with each other, sleepovers every weekend, hours spent on the phone, living at each others houses in the summer....the list goes on and on. So many ups and downs, highs and lows...but overall so much GROWTH. I just am so amazed. Where we have been to where we have come. All our doubts, tears, heartaches and heartbrakes...and things right now are really great. We have had an incredible journey as friends and I just really love what this photo means to me. And now, she is going to be having her first baby in July and it is really incredible to think of it! She is going to be a mom, and I am so excited for her. This picture just holds so many memories for me. We are standing with our moms, and now, in a couple of months, she is going to be one! And one day, maybe her child will have a memory or a friendship like the one we have shared with each other. I just love how the circle turns...very cool.

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