Wednesday, April 15, 2009

me @ 27

Emily's blog is a definite must read of mine. She posts a weekly challenge, entitled 52 Questions and challenges her readers to answer them. I thought that her question this week: "what makes me, me?" would be a perfect birthday post. Hmmm....turning 27. Wow. It's crazy to think how fast time is flying and that I still feel like I am 16 in some way. Often I wish I had the same worries, however I would not change the journey I am on for anything. It has been an incredible, blessed 27 years and I thought I would take the time to jot down 27 things that have brought me here today. What makes me, ME at 27? 27. My love for people. I love listening to people's stories, meeting new faces, making new friends. I believe alot of the relationships I have formed and have crossed paths with have impacted me to becoming more aware, compassionate and understanding. 26. My love for books. I absolutely love reading, and am glad that I have rediscovered this love after my university days! Long gone was the opportunity to read for leisure back then, as I was buried under my text books, courses and projects like any university student was. Any spare time was meant for sleep! 25. The time I spent working with kids affected by autism. That was probably one of the most challenging times for me. It opened my eyes incredibly and taught me some life lessons I know I would not have learned otherwise. It was one of the scariest things I had done in that I literally stepped into an unknown place, facing things I was a stranger to. However, it was worth every minute of stress, heartache, laughter and joy combined. They are such amazing little people and taught me more than I ever expected. 24. My passion for scrapbooking. What began as a tool to relieve stress has ultimately ended up becoming my passion. I live my life with a new awareness because of it. It has brought me to a deeper understanding and appreciation for all those in my life. Scrapbooking has shown me how fleeting time really is, and how important it is to take the time to document it. 23. The places I have been. I am so lucky, at 27, to have travelled to the places that I have been. I have travelled to New Brunswick, Arizona, Oahu, Arizona, Las Vegas, and Puerto Vallarta. Each place was an incredible experience and I am so lucky to have seen so many different parts of the world. Most of these places I have travelled with Matthew to. I think it is so special that we have done these things together. Some of our most precious time spent together has been through travelling. 22.My parents. They have given me so much knowledge in 27 years, I cannot even begin to describe it all. Simply thank you for allowing me the freedom to spread my wings, take chances, and become who I am supposed to be. My decisions and choices in this life may have not always been what you thought was the right thing or way, but you never stood in my way. You unconditionally supported me and that means more to me than you will both ever know. It is the greatest gift. 21. My university days. Long, hard, stressful.....they were unforgettable times. I love what I learned during this period, and even though it was not easy and some days felt like I would never see the all had worked out in the end. Looking back those are days I will forever cherish. I learned so much about life in general. Living on my own was so powerful to me and has definitly had a hand in shaping me to this point in my life. The independence I had gained during this time is something I hold on to and use in my day to day life always. 20. Loss. Losing loved ones has taught me just how precious our time on earth really is. How important it is to be an honest and good person. You never really know when your last day is going to be. A question I always find I ask myself, "How do you want to be remembered?" 19. Simplicity. I love simple living, with less "stuff". Embracing this has made me happier overall. However as I get older the harder it is for me to understand materialistic people who have to "have it all!" It's really only stuff. Does it really make life better? 18. Healing crystals. I think they are just amazing, and I want to learn more about them. 17. Journaling. The more I do it, the more I learn and the better I feel. 16. Companionship and teamwork. My marraige has begun to teach me the value of working together and the importance of being on the same page...even if difficulties arise. Compromise is a powerful thing, and learning to be this way has made me more open minded and tolerant of things I used to be on the defense about. Being married has taught me that no matter what, winning or losing is not what it's about. In the end it is about working together to reach a place where both are satisfied with the outcome. Working together can be a powerful thing. 15. I have a job that I love, and do well at. I take pride in everyday and being as helpful as I can. I have learned so many things and new skills since I had started. Looking back from where I began to where I am now is incredible. It has been a journey with ups and downs, but I am definitly stronger from it. 14. The importance of bubble baths. These are an absolute must for relaxing the mind and soul! 13. Positive thinking. This one is challenging, we all have our days. Sometimes it is easier to put into place, other times painstakingly hard. However, thought forms our reality and the amount of energy we put into thinking (be it negative or positive) is the same. So is not the choice obvious? I believe in the power of positive thinking. It can change your life, I know it has changed mine. 12. My cousins. They have influenced me incredibly throughout my life. They are all such amazingly strong and inspiring women. I love them so much. They are all incredible. 11. My mother. We have our differences, we have our laughs. We have our struggles and tears. However she keeps me going and constantly reminds me of the good things that surround me. She encourages me to grow and move forward. I love her for that. Thank you mom for accepting that life changes and embracing mine. 10. My love for earthy, simplistic, natural elements that decorate my home serve as constant reminders of how important it is to relieve stress and live in a more balanced way. 9. Never taking the "safe" route. Taking chances and going with the flow has led me in directions I would not have experienced had I went the typical way. I am grateful for that and taking a risk. In the future some may not be as lucky, but they are all here to serve as learning experiences. At 27 I am ready. 8.Thoughts on motherhood. Even though I am not at this place quite yet, I do find myself thinking about that day more and more. I know Matt is just going to be the most fabulous father. I am so excited for him. 7. Good energy. I crave positive energy and I find myself being drawn to it and people who exude it more and more. 6. My spirituality. This has grown immensely over the past year or so. It has really been amazing, and I continue to feel and learn so much about it. I am completely drawn to anything that brings positive spirituality and healing into my life. 5. My anticipation for the future. Some people are scared of the unknown. I am too. However, I chose to look at the future as a time for opportunity and new things. I am excited for it. 4. My love for my dreams and goals. They push me forward, they make me want to be better. 3.Cooking. I love to cook, it has been something I always enjoyed doing. It is an important part of my life right now, as well as in the past, and something I will continue on practicing and enjoying with my husband and future family. 2. The realization of how important exercize and other positive outlets are in relieving stress and negative energy from our body. I keep on learning just how essential this is to happy, healthy living. 1. I am a wife. I love being married, I feel so complete and at a place where I am meant to be. I am blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive partner who always tries to meet me half way. Someone who always walks beside me, who never leaves me behind in his dust. When I am weak he picks me up. His compassion and love are two of the greatest gifts he showers me with everday. He continues to teach me how to be a better person. He makes me want to be better...always. Wow.....27 has never felt this good!


Sarah said...

What a great post!
Happy Birthday Lindsay!!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday!!! Loved your post :)

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