Friday, April 10, 2009

Live Fresh-My Mini

I recieved inspiration to make this little itty bitty 3 x 3 album from this really cool website Beliefnet. When I read the featured posting of the day a few weeks back, I just knew it was something I had to print, cut out and post onto my bullitin board. From that point on, I knew I wanted to transfer the words onto some sort of scrap project, and when I came across this mini...inspiration, creativity and motivation collided into one. From that, is my little mini that now sits on my desk as a constant reminder of some very important components in "fresh living".
Find- rediscover and honor your creative spark
Reach- expand beyond past versions of yourself
Exhale- make room for your life force
Share- connect with kindred others on the journey
Hug- embrace your guides, friends and teachers
Laugh-open to the great giggle of life
Invent-find beauty in everyday objects
Vibrate-harmonize your body, brain and spirit
Indulge-taste something sweet everyday
Nurture-discover your life's motto
Groove-tune in to the rhythm of love and the music of life.
Is that not just the cutest thing?


Sarah said...

i LOVE it!! And the cheery colors are great!

Crystal said...

That is adorable! Such talent!!!

Moments Photography said...

WOW!! You are amazing! Such a gorgeous book Linds!

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