Friday, September 5, 2008

Here's to the Party!

Well, tomorrow night is officially the night of my last night to party it up as a single girl!!! I am so excited to see so many of my girls that I have not seen in a while and just go out and dance and laugh just like the good ol' days. It is so hard now sometimes because now that we are all in "adulthood" those carefree days of minimal responsibility are somewhat left a distant memory. I cannot even remember the last time we were all out at a bar dancing and having fun...maybe Hannan's stagette almost 4 years ago?? Everyone is in different towns, cities, with busy lives and jobs, we all seem to lose touch and barely see one another. But I guess that is the reality of growing up and apart...yet our friendships have always remained close. I know it is going to be so nice because even though so many of us have not seen each other in a while it will be like time hasn't even passed. My girls are so important to me and have been since elementary school and junior high. So for tomorrow night I wish nothing but lots of fun, laughter, and the opportunity to make nothing but even more great memories for us to all cherish and add to our collection.

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Kim said...

hope you had fun!!

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