Tuesday, September 9, 2008

10 Days!

Well, after almost a year and a half...the time has quickly come upon us and a wedding will soon be underway! It is amazing that when I look back from where I started to where I am now...how much has happened, it is truly overwhelming in many ways. This weekend we had our stag and stagette. They were both huge successes and we cannot feel more gratitude towards everyone who was a part in making our days so much fun and filled with so many great memories. Nothing in this life is of greater importance to me than that. Celebrating relationships and milestones in life is what it is all about! I had so much fun at my stagette, it was such a wonderful time. I had finally seen some of my friends that I have not seen in so long. Like I had said before, our relationships are so unique in that months can pass by and then we talk and it is like we had spoken yesterday. I love my girlfriends. They are such beautiful people and can really brighten up any situation. Just their sheer presence makes it all better. I am also lucky to be gaining new cousins into my life. They are all such great girls and I am so lucky to have them becoming a part of my family. Thanks to everyone who made such a momentous time in my life even more memorable and special than I could have imagined. I can only anticipate how amazing and fun the wedding day will be! It's official...10 days and counting!

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