Sunday, July 25, 2010

An Afternoon Tea Party

Photobucket Another incredible weekend has come and gone. This time, it was to celebrate one of my best friends as she will be getting married to the man of her dreams in early September. It was the perfect afternoon as family and friends gathered to celebrate her! Considering for the past 8 years or so she has made Europe her home, with most of her time spent in England, we found it most fitting to celebrate this time with an afternoon "Mad Hatter's" tea party! Photobucket Everyone who attended was to bring and wear a sun hat in honor of her, the tea party, and the celebration! The details were awesome, from mismatched china tea sets,to tea pots, scones with jam and all the truly was an authentic garden Mad Hatter's tea party. Shyla, I hope it was everything and more you had imagined for your bridal shower! Of course, knowing us girlies, an afternoon tea party ends up being an all night dance till your feet bleed kind of night...which was exactly how our night ended up unfolding in the end. A bride-to-be always has to have that one last "night on the town" with her girls, and we definitely had that! So much fun, so many laughs, there truly is nothing like times spent like these. I love my girls so much! Cannot wait to celebrate with you all again in September! xoxo Photobucket

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stevenjared0853 said...

Happy to know about your tea party and hope you enjoyed there. Last month, I arranged a dinner party with my friends at one of the amazing Seattle venues. Did excellent arrangements for this event and we all enjoyed this party very much.

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