Tuesday, June 24, 2008


"People who exercise, whether that involves an intense workout or just a regular long walk, feel healthier, feel better about themselves, and enjoy life more"-David Niven, Ph. D "100 Simple Secrets of Happy People"
One of my biggest accomplishments since this spring has been keeping up with a regular fitness routine...and sticking with it. Commitment is something that I struggle with, and when it comes to exercising it is even worse!! Talk about such a mental game. I came across this phrase in a book entitled "100 Simple Secrets of Happy People" and it really is true. I totally feel that I am healthier, have more energy and it does perk up my mood no question! This time, I do not have any unrealistic goals and expectations when it comes to fitness and working out. I basically view it as my time to sweat, think, crank up the tunes and just enjoy an hour for me! Anything above and beyond this is just an added bonus!

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