Wednesday, February 16, 2011

thank you.

Photobucket right now i am so tired. just tired. like many of you can relate i am sure it has been a long winter. i am not only tired for me, but just tired for everyone else too who has been struggling and dealing with so many challenges. i am tired for you too. i just keep praying that tomorrow will be a better day and that we are only to look forward to bigger and brighter days ahead right? right now i am also thankful. for so many things. i do not think there is anything more powerful out there than just being grateful and feeling the moment. Photobucket this week my amazing husband and best friend surprised me with a wonderful valentines day. usually i am not one to really emphasize a "holiday" (if that's what you call it) such as valentines day. however it was really sweet and just made me feel SO thankful to observe and appreciate and embrace what my husband took time to do for me. even on his last day off before starting a VERY long work shift, instead of spending his last hours on himself he spent them preparing me supper and surprises and well...let's just say we all learn valuable lessons often and he taught me a BIG one that day. actions TRULY speak louder than words and things, and i am so so so appreciative of it all. he never ceases to amaze me. even after all of these years. beautiful things come from his heart. that is what captivates me every day. so amidst all of my tiredness, and feelings of being overwhelmed at times life is GOOD, oh so good...and i never take that for granted. thank YOU for loving me. Photobucket

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