Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Out My Back Door...

Photobucket Seriously, how blessed am I? Not only is Spring approaching quicker and quicker it seems these days...(thank goodness!) THIS is what I have running through my yard at this very moment. A beautiful stream of MELTED snow...spring runoff and it is beautiful. So so beautiful and a sign of happy things to come. Sunshine, warm air, longer days, leaves and flowers blooming! Anyone else feeling the spring fever? Let's just hope it decides to stick around permanently! April...we really do not need any winter surprises this year! ;)


Kim said...

I love seeing all the snow melting...spring makes me so happy!!

Talia said...

I agree...NO MORE SNOW!!! Haha!
I still need to email you back, but I just wanted to thank you for always leaving me such sweet and supportive comments. You are truly such a good person inside and out. And gorgeous, too.

Here's to Spring!!

Tal xo

Karla Hope: said...

So beautiful!! What a nice little surprise under all that snow, hey!? Cant wait to see your house in just a few weeks!!

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