Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Class of 2009

Last weekend Ihad the very important job of taking some graduation photos for a dear family friend. I have know Michelle since she was a toddler and seeing her now all grown up and graduating, is really quite overwhelming. The ol sayings, "where has time gone...and so fast has life gone" definitly ran through my mind a few times that day. Needless to say, it was really neat to be the "fly on the wall" on her day of graduation, spending time with excited family and friends and just being able to capture it all for someone. I felt very fortunate to be part of someones very special day, which is really such an intimate time for them. Below are a few of my favorite shots of the day of Michelle and her escort/boyfriend Kyle. I had tons of fun with them all day, as they were super cooperative and patient, and most importantly as you will see from the photos...they made my job SUPER easy to do; and do well! I really hope they love them. Congratulations to you both!


Talia said...

such cute pictures, lindsay!

Crystal said...

wonderful did a great job!!!

Michelle Colosimo said...

Lindsay, this post made me cry. The song that was playing while i read it, and looked at the pictures made everything so much more real. It's hard to believe that grad is only a memory now. But I can't thank you enough for everything you did for me that day. I just want you to know that I wouldn't of wanted any other person in the world to share that special day with me, than you. Thanks again. I love you lots.

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