Sunday, May 10, 2009


She is my inspiration. She is my role model.
She is my best friend. She always seems to walk in when the rest of the world walks out.
She is my rock. She is also my sweetest comfort. She softens my landing when I need to fall.She is my strength when mine is low, she is my faith when I feel dark. She is someone who I am continuously learning about more and more each day. She is making me realize and see new things that I once was blind to.
She is my biggest cheerleader in life.
She is my mom.
Here is to celebrating the wonder that is you today!
Happy Mothers Day.
These photographs were taken last Mother's Day as a gift to my mom, by the beatiful and talented Allison, with Moments Photography. Thank you so much for allowing your remarkable talents to capture us that day.


Kim said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Love them!! And how special to do that with your mom. You'll really treasure these.


Moments Photography said...

AWWWW Lindsay thank you so much!! It was an honor to do it! Both you and your mom are so incredibly blessed to have each other! Beautiful post.

Talia said...

what a beautiful post, lindsay! i'm sure your mom loved it. just wait till you have'll appreciate your mom even more then, too. hope you had a happy mother's day with your mama!!

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